Towers of Faith is the brainchild of Fr. Sam McNally-Cross, Fr Chris Philips, and Fr. Matthew Cashmore. It exists to build people up in their faith through the inspiration and teaching of those people who have gone before us.

Those people who have shone so brightly with the light of Christ that they have encouraged, enhanced and developed people’s faith over great time and distance.

The talks are delivered using Zoom, recorded and then placed here in archive. They are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs

If you are inspired by these talks and have somebody you would like to talk about (or for somebody else to talk about) then do contact us and we’ll try to arrange it.

Fr. Sam McNally-Cross

Fr Sam McNally-Cross is a parish priest in the Diocese of London, his studies have included an MA in Christian Spirituality focusing on monastic life and in particular the Work of Thomas Merton. He is currently undertaking a professional doctorate looking into the Promethean Theology of Thomas Merton. His other interests include pilgrimage and the theology of place, spiritual writing and the poetic expression of faith.

Fr Chris Philips

Fr Chris Phillips is the parish priest of the ancient shrine church of St Mary’s, Willesden, in the Diocese of London. He holds degrees from Durham and Oxford Universities, latterly in Theology where he developed a keen interest in St Augustine as well as a particular focus on eucharistic doctrine. More recent academic work has focused on Christology, divine impassibility and human psychology. A linguist by original training, he now tries to maintain his Latin and Greek to a sufficient level to read original sources.

Fr. Matthew Cashmore

Fr. Matthew Cashmore is the Assistant Curate of St. Mary-the-Virgin, Kenton in the Diocese of London. He trained for ministry at Ripon College Cuddesdon where he obtained a degree in Theology, Mission & Ministry from Durham University. Prior to Priesthood Fr. Matthew was the Digital Director at various publishers and retailers and continues to offer practical consultancy in Digital R&D to charities and small businesses. He is a Trustee at SPCK and has a passion for The Rosary – the subject of his next book.